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Top 3 Guest Blogging Sites You Can Use

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Guest blogging and blogger outreach are two strategies that many businesses are turning to in the post-Penguin/Panda age when it comes to online marketing. While you may accomplish a lot of legwork on your own by looking for bloggers within your industry on Google, you can also join networks designed to link companies and bloggers.

However, finding blogs that are seeking material is easier than you may think.

Blogger Outreach Networks and Guest Blogging

The following are guest blogging and outreach networking sites that you may utilize to promote your business for greater exposure and backlinks.


We’ve seen numerous outreach tools that claim to help you connect with influencers. BlogDash is one, and it’s called the blogger outreach dashboard. Their network contains a list of nearly 109,000 writers from which you may filter by topic keywords, category, Klout score, gender, and other characteristics.

You may utilize their service to communicate with bloggers and share blog entries, as well as request blogs to write about your goods or service. Likeable Media, Shine United, and True Media are just a few of the prominent businesses that utilize BlogDash.

Bloggers may join BlogDash for free to communicate with companies in their field. A free account is available for browsing the directory of bloggers, but pitching to individuals through the dashboard necessitates a $49.99 monthly membership. You may save money by paying for three months or one year at once.

You can also see what content you should produce, and how often. Be sure to read BlogDash testimonials about satisfied agencies, as well as the free outreach guide for bloggers. On Social Media Explorer, you may read a review of their service (while it was still in beta).

Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp is a free service that links bloggers with marketers and companies looking for content in exchange for links. The nicest aspect is that bloggers who have joined up to don’t have to be paid (according to network rules, but actual contact requests may vary).

What is the process? You submit an offer for a guest post, a product for bloggers to review, or a contest announcement. Bloggers will also request guest posts and interview sources for their websites. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, an email is sent to everyone on the list. If you discover that you can fulfil someone’s request or if a blogger likes your ask, you may contact them directly via the contact information provided in the email.

There isn’t much content on the Blogger LinkUp site itself, but it was mentioned in a Social Media Examiner article about excellent places to look for guest bloggers. However, because it is a free service, it won’t hurt to give it a go!


Guestr is a social networking site for bloggers that allows them to discover new stuff from other people and search for guest posting possibilities to publish their material and build links. Guestr is now a free service for both site owners and those seeking for guest post opportunities. There are currently 804 listings on Guestr looking for and accepting content in many different areas. Each site has its current Google PageRank, as well as the number of estimated visitors.