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Here’s How to Find Guest Writers for Your Blog Even If It’s New

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As your blog’s popularity grows, you’ll need to produce more material if you want to keep your audience interested. The trouble is that there isn’t much a single person can do. You might either add new contributors to your team or hire guest authors who can assist you maintain a steady flow of content.

Submissions from new writers are a fantastic way to add variety and consistency to your site. New authors may provide fresh ideas that you haven’t considered or are outside of your area of expertise. All you have to do now is find out how to attract top talent and get them to contribute..

How to Use Guest Writers for Your New WordPress Site (And What to Look For)

Let’s go through exactly what qualities you should seek when seeking guest posters. As far as we’re concerned, the following four characteristics are critical:

  • Experience in your blog’s niche is a plus. 
  • A willingness (and capacity) to customise your blog’s style. 
  • Proficiency in generating outstanding subject ideas on their own. 
  • Punctuality when it comes to publishing articles.

You should also think about what type of pay the guest blogger demands. They could want to be paid or simply get a byline and/or author bio. It’s critical that both parties feel they’re getting something out of the deal.

Two Ways to Get Guest Writers on Your Blog

After your blog has thousands of visitors every month, you’ll most likely no longer need much help finding guest authors. However, while you wait, here are two strategies to assist you to persuade contributors to guest post on your site.

1. Allow writers to self-promote.

It’s critical for writers who make a living to promote their services and show that they’re good at their job. A byline on your blog is a good beginning, but you can go even further to assist guest authors to get the word out.

Adding an author box to your posts is a wonderful approach to do so. It enables writers to include short biographies, links to their social media accounts, and even showcase their work portfolios. We’ve previously covered multi-author blogs in our article about how to add this function.

2. Pay for the submitted blogs.

In most situations, experts in any field will not work for exposure unless you have a very successful blog. As a result, you may need to persuade them the old-fashioned way – by paying them.

Many larger publications do not pay for guest post submissions since they can afford to. When you’re still getting started, it makes sense to spend a portion of your budget on additional content. In most situations, you’ll want to charge a fixed price for contributions and make it clear that you’ll just pay for material you’ve agreed to publish.

You’ll almost certainly want to let people who’ve written for you before make more money. They’re already familiar with your style, and their work may not require as much editing. It could also encourage them to become long-term contributors.


If you have a well-established blog, finding guest authors is simple. However, smaller and newer websites do not have it as easy. It’s still feasible to get fantastic guest post submissions, but you’ll need to offer contributors a reason to contribute their work. You can either seek new writers yourself or create a Write for us page and wait for submissions (or better yet, do both!).