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Event Marketing

Virtual Events

5 Reasons Marketers Like Virtual Events

When “events” meant “in-person events,” did you ever think about it? Me, too. In a very short amount of time, marketing has evolved dramatically. Now, virtual events are at the top of event marketers’ priority lists. Despite our love for travel and meeting individuals in person, they’re going surprisingly well, and they’re only getting better. In reality, virtual gatherings have shattered attendance records. For example, Adobe’s virtual Summit drew more than 500,000 people in the spring, roughly 16 times as… Read More »5 Reasons Marketers Like Virtual Events

event marketing strategies

The Most Effective Event Marketing Strategies & Ideas

What is event marketing? Simply said, event marketing is all about letting people know you’re having an event and how important it would be to them if they attended. It’s the practice of promoting a digital or physical event through various media. It might be a Camp or Volunteer Appreciation Day, Meet n’ Greet with an Expert Speaker, Facebook Live Seminar, Workshop, or any other event. Creating a buzz and enticing individuals to participate is something that can be done… Read More »The Most Effective Event Marketing Strategies & Ideas